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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum dimension Ambassador Industrial can extrude too?

Ambassador Industrial can extrude profiles up to 300mm wide and 150mm high.

What hardness range are you able to manufacture?

Ambassador Industrial can manufacture solid rubbers ranging from 40 -75 duro Shore A hardness.

Is Ambassador Industrial able to advise me on the material to best suit my needs?

Yes, we just need to know the answers to a few simple questions.

Does Ambassador Industrial have full tooling capabilities to cut new dies on site?

Ambassador Industrial has a fully equipped tool room with wire cutters, spark eroders, lathes and mills. Everything including die design and drafting is done in house.

Is Ambassador Industrial able to provide extrusions cut to length with predrilled holes for fixing?

Yes. Simply provide us with the locations and dimensions, number of holes required and total length required, we will take it from there.

Do you stock any of these products or is it all made to order?

Ambassador Industrial does its best to ensure that most things in the catalogue pages on this website are in stock at any given time. However from time to time stock does run low but being the manufacturer our lead times are very short for an out of stock line.

I want to get a new die made and production run, how long will this take?

As a rule of thumb must off tool sampling is done within 2 to 3 weeks from receipt of order and production is completed within 2 to 3 weeks of sample approval. We have been known to do this much faster in the past. Give us a call and talk to us about your timeframes.

Is Ambassador Industrial quality assured?

Yes. We are quality assured to ISO9001:2015 and JAZ ANZ.

Can Ambassador Industrial apply a self adhesive tape to my extrusion?

Yes. Just ask our Sales Team for further information.

What materials can Ambassador Industrial manufacture from?

We manufacture from a full range of polymers in varying hardnesses. PVC, NBR, EPDM, Neoprene and silicone to name a few.

Do you offer a service to join extrusions?

Yes. Ambassador Industrial has a number of hot vulcanising presses for the joining of extrusions.

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