Company Profile

Ambassador Industrial Pty Ltd is a manufacturer of rubber extrusions and mouldings, and plastic extrusions.

Our objectives are to provide the best quality product and service that will satisfy or exceed our customer’s expectations, at a price that will enable us and our clients to remain profitable and competitive in our respective markets.

It is the policy of Ambassador Industrial Pty Ltd to use the guiding principles of ISO 9001: 2000 on which we base our Quality Management System.

Our Quality Principles are:

  • Always strive for total customer satisfaction, whilst searching for ways of improving even this high level of satisfaction.
  • Initially assessing Suppliers and Service Providers to ensure that the company has chosen wisely in using Suppliers who can be relied upon.
  • Developing a close relationship with those Suppliers to form a mutual understanding and trust for each other’s expectations.
  • For everything we do to be properly planned and carried out from the beginning, leaving nothing to chance.
  • To provide a safe and pleasant working environment for employees and clients alike.
  • Regular reviews of our measurable objectives and performance in meeting those objectives, this being our key to continuous improvement in all we do.

The management of Ambassador Industrial Pty Ltd expects all employees to make a positive contribution to maintaining and improving the high standard of our products and services.

Darryl Hodges
Managing Director