Custom Extrusions & Moulding Products

The information contained in the attached PDF table is based upon current knowledge and practice. The resistance as listed should be checked with a sample of the intended product as compounds and additives frequently vary.

The resistance tabulated is an indication only and Ambassador Industrial accepts no liability to its accuracy.

The data given relates to concentrated and saturated solutions at 20 degrees Celsius, unless otherwise stated.

The table does not indicate the effect the rubber may have on the chemical.


A Recommended, little or no effect. The material is unlikely to be destroyed by the indicated chemical.

B Minor to moderate effect. The material may give satisfactory results but will sooner or later be destroyed by the chemical indicated.

C Moderate to severe effect. The material may be used to a certain extent if the contact period is short. Continuous contact will destroy the material.

U Unsuitable and not recommended.

For some materials no data is available and thus no value has been entered.